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Monday, 26 February 2018

News about an ex soldier friend

After leaving hospital yesterday I walked to a different bus stop than the one I use normally. I noticed someone walking on the other side of the road who I knew it was an ex soldier friend of mine. As he saw me he had a big smile on his face and came over to me. It is now seven years since we last met and it was good to see him after all this time.

My friend had left the army due to injuries he suffer mainly to his shoulders and an arm. If fairness to the army they did all they could to help him but it came to a point where there was nothing more that could be done. Due to advances in medical care and treatment he has now had five operation to his shoulders and one new shoulder joint and more surgery to come.

My friend was always of the opinion that life was how it was but the difference that seven years makes is remarkable. I am glad to say that the army has at long last settled his claim for the injuries he suffered and when he told me that I said and how much have you got left. I said that because he had a habit of always looking after others instead of himself. His reply I spent every penny on buying a house and now he has no worries.

I promised to go and see him for a cuppa when I had the time when I next come over. At the moment my time is taken up at the hospital seeing my Mum.

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