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Wednesday, 28 February 2018

iPad just what a pain

I have had computers going back to the first Amstrad computers for my video hire business and before that I had Sinclair Spectrums. I ditch Windows on my desktop computers when Ubuntu Linux was at version 4.10 when I first tried it. Ubuntu 4.10 and was released on 20 October and from then on I haven't looked back I never have many problems and my system does not suffer from Viruses. So what's this got to do with IPAD lots.

The IPad is easy to use and when you buy one its main consumer target is people who have at least some computer knowledge. If having some knowledge then why does the box the IPad come in not have a huge manual telling you how to use it.

With the knowledge of computers I have at best I have should not have problems considering the IPad is simple to use. If I try to put pictures on my Blog I click on the symbol on my Blog as I normally do from my desktop. All I get is to add pictures from my Google Archive, my phone, a URL and lastly From this Blog then why can't I post pictures from my IPAD?...

While away from home I still keep my Blog up to date but I can never find a way to include pictures. Tonight I have spent hours trying to find a way to make IPad and my Blog work together. I suppose I will have to wait till I get home on Friday.

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  1. My first "personal computer" was a ZX spectrum in the 80's.How things changed since! Joao