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Monday, 19 February 2018

Back in Liverpool

liverpool was for most of my life home but not now my heart is in Portugal a and to be honest I would rather not to have left for a trip back to the place of my birth.

This trip was one I tried to avoid for the best of reasons or for me they where the best of reasons. I cast my mind back to when I took my Dad to see his sister dying from Lung cancer. I was persuaded to go and say goodbye but being a coward if coward being the right word I didn't want to see her. I had great memories of visits to her house but after going to say goodbye all I saw was a skeleton lying in her bed, I was shocked. That was my last memory of such a wonderful Auntie and most of all she was a good friend when needed.

Now we have gone full circle and this time I have to Man up my wonderful Mum is seriously ill. Mum is now nearly 93 years of age and the hardest thing was when she said that she has had her time and she just wants to go. After four hip operations her quality of life is not good and won't get any better. Mum apart from family now has help come in each day.

I have now made the trip over and on Tuesday morning I will see my Mum. I would love to see Mum recover and get home but now is not the time for dreams it's time to face what may happen but hope it doesn't.

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