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Friday, 9 February 2018

And here is how it's done

i failed to pay attention to woodwork at school something I dearly regret. My big problem now is getting the wood I need to carry on working on my house. I can now get supplies of Chestnut but I can't find supplies wide enough for my needs so I have to make my own wide enough.

What I mean by that is I have to put two pieces together and cut it down to the size I want. I can't get wood thick enough for my needs so I have to glue two pieces together to get just what I want.

Once varnished you will be able to see the different grains in the wood. 

 I made the last two window sills today but with all the gluing it took two days waiting with drying time allowed before I could start the sanding. The sills in the long, tv room and bedroom are all different from each other that makes each room different from the others.

Now all the surrounds need to be cut shaped varnished and fitted.

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