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Saturday, 7 July 2012

The ceiling got plastered well started

This week  i managed to get some tape and filler for the seams between the sheets of plaster board on the kitchen ceiling. I have watched some videos on Youtube about how to fill the seam on the ceiling.

Just put  some filler along the seam and put the mesh tape over the filler and rub the tape well into the filler. After you have done this now use a big wide spreader knife. This is like a big wide scraper but it is more flexible and it is ideal for the job.

All this looks so easy i watched one video a number of times until i felt happy that i could do the job. So i thought.

This looked so easy just spread the filler up along the seam now you rub the tape into the filler that done and it all looked good. I should have stopped now while i was ahead but i did keep going. foolish me.

Now i got some filler and started to fill all along the seem and at this stage it was about eight inches wide but only a thin covering of filler. I now started to get the spreader knife wet so i could remove the excess and that's where i went wrong. Most of it was OK apart from a section in the middle where it just seemed to drag. Oh dear what do i do now this doesn't happen in the videos. So i left it alone to dry over night and come back to it today.

You can see string from the ceiling cables and thats so if the cable drops down behind the ceiling i can get it back. since these photos i have tied each pair of strings together as an added precaution.

The ceiling in the photo may look good but it will need sanding down. That's what i planned for today, i got a big piece of flat wood and some sand paper great idea until i found that the filler wasn't completely dry. What a mess i made trying to sand filler that wasn't dry, ok i will now have to wait till it's dry.

I should add for those who don't know there is an edge along the plaster board where you fill  and then smooth it of and it saves you having to have the whole plaster  board plastered. If it's done right all you need to do is then paint the whole ceiling and ob done.

OK plan C this time i put filler over the seam and rubbed in the tape but made sure that it wasn't proud of the line. If you look close at the picture on the right you can just make out the line that you fill to. Why do these people who make the videos make it look so easy a job to do.

Where is plan B you may ask. Wish i knew but plan B was someone in my past whose address i lost. So i affectionately refer to her as Plan B. Never forgotten.

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