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Saturday, 7 July 2012

Got the better of a con man

Almost 30 years ago i had a contract to maintain a fleet of vehicles owned by Pickfords removals in Liverpool. I had many opportunities to watch how they worked and how careful they where with the belongings of others. I have in recent times had the opportunity to use the experience i gained so long ago. I had a job to move the belonging from a removal van down a tiny lane and put them into storage until the where needed by the owner. As the van was being unloaded i took photos of all damage to the few items that had damage on them. In case the owner decided that they had been damaged while in my care.

This is one of a series of photos i took after removing the contents after the house was sold. I put them into storage until the owner can make his own arrangements for his property.

 This another of a series of photos i took of the kitchen. It is obvious that there is no damage in the cooker area.

Two days before the final documents where to be signed and the property transfered to the new owner the new buyer inspected the property as he was moving his daughter in.

I received a phone call from the estate agent asking about damage " behind where the cooker had been " I assured him that there was no damaged to any area where the cooker had been. I don't know what the proposed owner was up to but i am glad tha i was able to draw on my experience of my time with Pickfords.

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