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Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Getting close to the end of my first Brew

Well it seems weeks ago that i started with my first batch of wine. I made a gallon of Cherry wine and now the point has come where it's stopped fermenting but it is still cloudy. I have siphoned the wine and left the sediment behind. The picture if from before i siphoned the wine into another bottle. That explains why the bottle is still covered with dust. 

This is the bottle before i siphoned it into another bottle. I then added the Finings  this is something you add to your wine to make it clear and then it can be bottled. 

I use a lot of Tomato juice/ pulp in my cooking and the bottles are 1 liter in size just the size to store wine it to use in the coming months. 

But first it has to finish and go nice and clear and then we bottle and taste.

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