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Saturday, 11 June 2016

First paint

While waiting for the plasterer to finish his bit i decided to start the painting. Instead of white that seems to be the normal colour to paint here or so i have found from looking round. I decided to paint the gable end walls and the side walls a light shade of grey.

Have you ever noticed while typing some words show up as misspelt. These being grey, colour and misspelt all came up as wrong. These are correct but as the spell checker is American we whose language they use are told our spelling is wrong. Who gave them the right to change a language that has been in use well before they where invented.        
Sorry for the rant.

This colour grey i mixed by using a black Tinta acrílica  normally used by an artist in painting.

It's dried out quite well but i think maybe a shade lighter.
The ceiling will be painted white as per normal.

I had to put my window seat in place to get the best view of how it will all look now it's painted and i am happy with the colour.

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