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Wednesday, 15 June 2016

Pictures of me

Well Steve what have we done, you have a massive traffic accident, your wife leaves and so many from the fourth year at school suddenly get in touch. Micheal Moss passed my email around and Dave Allen no not the comedian asked would i put some photos up on my Blog. Micheal also sent me a letter with all the details of the reunion planned for September.  Well Dave no sooner said than done. I can say to all from Roscoe Garsfield road school that Dave Allen still looks as he did then but now very OLD. If Dave passes my details on to any from school please call about 7.30pm it would be great to have a catchup. Oh and Steve i still have no way apart from my Blog of getting in touch apart from Micheal and i don't want to trouble him to much.

This is on my Veranda with my friend Cathy.

This was taken on my veranda just as the sun was going down.

This was taken halfway along my favourite walk along the valley where the river Ceira runs

This was after a couple of hours rubbing down the plasterboard.

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