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Tuesday, 28 June 2016

What a day i have had

Today i got a call to do an emergency airport job. A couple flew in from Interlaken Switzerland to spend a week with a friend of mine. That would be OK but both of them came without a license to hire a car and they where stranded 300k from where they needed to be.

I got a call could i get to the airport to pick them up, easy but i was in the middle of painting and needed a shower. By the time i arrived they had been waiting for over six hours. Well i did my best to get them back as quick as i could but it was still just 11pm when i got them to there accommodation  and job done. On the left of this screen is a link to check this out for where these people are staying.

 I had arranged to do the lay the floor on Wednesday but now i am a day behind with the painting. To keep on target i am up early to get the painting done on time.

The downside was i had two important calls that i was unable to take but i am sure that i will get those calls in the coming days.  

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