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Friday, 3 June 2016

Waxing standing up

I had no choice with the beam that held the main roof timber in place but i was able to replace it and move it a little to give me some more space to use. What could i do with a piece of wood standing up in the room, i put in another just like the first one i put in place. 

Here is what i have done this looks better than having two pieces of wood standing in the room. I had wanted to install a shower behind but getting water and removing the waste was a problem i couldn't get around.

It has proved difficult to Wax the piece of wood you can see due to it's size. After 4 coats of Bees wax i decided that if i put it in position then it would be a little easier to finish of waxing the front and back. I am pleased the was it has come out and the effect it gives to the room.

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