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Saturday, 25 June 2016

It's been a hot few days but work had to be done.

Working in the space below the eaves this week has been hard. I have had between three or four showers a day due to me sweating so mush in the heat. Todays job is to get the storage area brushed and cleaned out now everything in there has been done. I am going to have a door made and like me it will be unusual and just what it will look like i don't know yet.

Finally all the cables have been run in, sockets wired up. Lights fitted in place and tested now it's all down to the electrician to do his bit. Every room in my house has it's own fuse panel, consumer unit call it what you will all run from the main unit downstairs in the cellar.

This is my storage area under the eaves and it runs from the front of the house to the rear so plenty of room to store stuff.

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