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Friday, 11 January 2013

Cut, Paste and Skype?

Well this week i seem to have been on my computer quite a lot in particular with Chelsee. Chelsee is on Skype in Liverpool and i am here at home, nothing unusual in that i suppose but we have been building a Blog for Chelsee. We maybe i should say she has been doing the work with help from me. Chelsee has also found on Skype that she can share her screen with me so that when she is working i can she where she is up to.

That went well and now i think she could carry on herself with me just helping when needed. 

Today Chelsee wanted to edit a picture she has when she was in the park on a summers day. Yes they do get summers days in Liverpool not many but sum. Chelsee started by opening Gimp  a program for editing pictures and the one above is the one she wanted to edit. First on Skype she shared her screen so i could watch what she was doing and also tell her how to cut and paste. First she wanted to cut the sides away and keep the middle of the picture. 

For a project i am working on that i will reveal soon i asked her to follow what i wanted her to do. I first had to get her to use a shape so we could cut out the picture you see above and then save it. She got a little excited at what she was able to do when she is not even 10 years of age yet. It won't be long and she will be to far advanced for me to be of any help to her but for now it was fun with my star pupil being over 1,000 miles away.

The picture above may not be perfect but we all have to start somewhere. For now i am one happy Grandad.


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