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Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Rain stopped play

Today was going to be a day for working outside. Yesterday i worked outside on my two raised beds and i planted some onion about 50. The weeds i took out i feed to the chickens so the weeds were of some good after all. I have just got a little bit more land that fronts the lane and it was there that today i was going to build one raised bed. As the land is not flat i was first going to get it a bit flatter for the raised bed. I need this done quick so i can get some horse manure and get it rotted in time for planting.

What stopped me today well i woke in the night and i could hear rain i got up and still it was raining, it's now almost 7pm and the rain has not stopped from when i first heard it last night so Rain stopped play as they say. 

The first raised bed i make will be for Chilli’s red and green. the second will be for a very hot Chilli Scotch Bonnet.

Today i also wanted to get started making my chicken run much bigger and make use of the third room at the side of the present chicken run. I am going to spend some time making sure that the chicken wire used on the run is started below ground so as to make sure that nothing can get in and harm my chicks. With a bigger run i will be able to have more chickens and there is another local breeder who has chicks nearly ready for laying.

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