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Friday, 25 January 2013

Make sure that there are contact details left for next of kin

I received news that the sister of a friend after coming home from the shops sat down and her head just fell forward. She passed away, tragic but the family where told that she hadn't suffered.

It got me to thinking God forbid if anything happened to me nobody here in Portugal had any form of contact to  my next of kin in the UK.

I now have a neighbour here in Vale Boa who also lives on his own.

I have now made a list of the six closest of my next of kin, my children and then three others a brother and two sisters. I have now made a  list all contact details from my children i now feel secure that if anything happened to me someone could be contacted.

I have only just asked family and they were happy to help. So i now have contacts should anything happen to me the people who need to know will know. But i am not planning to go anywhere soon.

So if you are on your own make it easy for your family and make your own plans.

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