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Thursday, 17 January 2013

What a waste of food.

Tonight on TV there was a program about Food waste. The program stared of showing a woman who weighed all the food in a week that she put in the bin. On camera the weight was 28lb in part it was because she was cooking to much and discarding what was not used for that meal. Later what was not used the leftovers were put in the bin.

The shocking thing was the amount of waste food thrown away each day, yet in a time when there are three food banks are opening each week to feed those who can't afford to buy food.

When i prepare a meal i only cook what i need and any potato and carrot peelings and also cabbage/ cauliflower leaves get boiled for the chickens.

It's time that the Government did something to help people plan and use the amount of food they need and to help avoid waste. A TV program on it's own that highlights the problem is not enough. The program went back after one week after the woman used a weeks diet planning and the waste food and been cut down drastically. The food shop had gone down from £150 to £88. A massive saving but also a massive saving on the amount of food waste.

There is nothing i could do after watching the program as i have no waste apart from orange skins and if i find that the chickens can eat them they will be in there diet. The chickens do get such a varied diet but they are still not giving me any eggs.

So if you can use the catchup on ITV then spare the time to watch the program, it was on at 8.30pm on Thursday  17th.

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