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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Goat and gravy

I have been cooking again i would be wasting my time if i didn't try new things. Of many years of eating just what was put on a plate to what i am doing now the past life seems so long ago.

I now have a selection of Herbs and Spices that many a chef would be glad of so i have been making the most of it. I got myself a loin of Goat the loin is the chops and the breast combined. The breast was cut to make soup and the loin was boned and rolled for roasting.

Below is a picture of how goat is cooked here in Portugal it doesn't look very good as it's normally left to soak in red wine but that's how they like it.

I cooked my loin of goat in my slow cooker for 12 hours until it feel apart. I cooked it in some water with onion and carrots. This water i used for my gravy a few cloves and some more onion and a stock cube and to thicken some flour. Now i have never made my own gravy so i cheated by using Youtube to find how to make gravy. OK so i cheated but i have now learnt how to make gravy Real gravy and not from a packet.

Roast potatoes, carrots, cauli and goat topped with real gravy now that's a meal.

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