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Friday, 18 January 2013

It's been a long time coming but it's Eggs today.

Well after two days of rain and rain and more rain it's stopped or it seemed to have stopped.

As it looked like it had stopped i went over to load up the feeder for the chickens to make sure that they had plenty of food. When i got up to the chicken run i saw it was like a mud bath. To make the run secure there was nowhere for the rain to get out so the chickens had a mud bath. I have not looked in the door where the nesting boxes are for about a week until today. I looked in and as i was about to close the door i saw something in one of the nest boxes and it was Eggs.

I had to reach in to get the Eggs and i counted as i put them in my pocket. 6 eggs were the total. The eggs were dirty but all together so it may just be the one chicken who is repaying me for looking after them. When i shut the doors i put a piece of slate against the door so anybody trying to get in to the chicken run has to move it. Nobody had been in and all eggs you buy have a stamp on so i know nobody is tricking me but i did for a moment think it was a trick.

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