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Monday, 21 January 2013

Power who needs power.

I can remember back in the 1970's with the three day week and with power cuts and shortages bad times.

Friday night we had a massive storm with many trees torn out of the ground, land slides at the side of the road. My electric went of at about 12.30 pm Friday night. It is reported that up to 11,000km of Electrical power lines where down all over Portugal. Penacova not to far away from me have had no power or water since Friday night so i was a bit lucky at least i had water.

I only have aircon for heat and with no power that means no heat. When the power came back on today i took a picture of the aircon unit as it had the temperature displayed and it was 10c inside of the house. After three days even my bedding was cold and i was going to bed with cloths on first time in 50 years i have had any cloths on in bed.

The last three days have given me time to think what it must have been like for the locals going back to 1979 when the village had Electric power installed. But what must it have been like before that, candles and oil lamps. But i am used to nice bright lights and over the last few days i have had candle light and it makes you think how did people cope before now. I have found an old gas lamp in the cellar and after buying a key to turn it on and off it had plenty of gas in the bottle and as it got dark i put the light on and it was little better that maybe a dozen candles but it was light. Only an hour later the power came back on after 67 hours without power, no heat or light.

As i go into town down a little side road there is at the side of it a little old stream that looked like it had never had water going down it for years. Today the little stream is a raging torrent and almost up to the road level and it won't be long before the road floods

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