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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

The chickens are playing games with me

After i had been looking after my chickens for what seems forever and about to turn them into Chicken Tikka Masala they decided to start laying eggs. They then decided to stop for a few days and it started to look like they had stopped again till today.

I fed the chickens early this morning as usual and early in the afternoon i got a load of greens for them. After feeding them a second time i looked into where the nesting boxes are and nothing was there no surprise. Instead of laying in the nesting box an egg had been layed in the middle of the floor. Oh well i can't complain at least they are paying for there keep. When i went over tonight to lock them away outside in the middle of the chickens run on the muddy ground was another egg.

Ok so they won't become Chicken Tikka Masala just yet but they had better keep laying or they are for the pot.


  1. Hi Peter, my parents kept chickens when I was a kid. In the Winter they would either stop laying or lay the odd egg, I wonder if its the same in Portugal even though the weather is less harsh they may be on a seasonal go slow!? they would also lay eggs in random places and it was my job to hunt out all the hidden clutches of mum would mark the date on all the eggs, if they were from one of the hidden nests she would mark them "ULO" ..unidentified layed object! They might be waiting for the spring to reward all your care and attention, Catherine

    1. Hi Catherine

      Yes i know you are right in what you say it's just me being impatient considering how well i look after them. Thanks for your comments