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Wednesday, 2 January 2013

New Years Eve and more

For New Year all the Locals Brits went to the club in Bordeiro. Bordeiro is a little village just outside of Gois and close to where i live. The bonus for all use Brits is we can use the club when we want it, also we have one couple who those who run the club trust to look after the place. For New Year all the locals from the village were having a meal, drinks and entertainment for the night. The price was 15€ each and for that you got more than you could eat, all the wine you could drink and entertainment as well.

The night started with a cold buffet of meat on a stick, cheese on a stick bread and well you know the kind of stuff for a cold buffet. Then it was upstairs for the meal, the girls started with the biggest pan of cabbage soup i have ever seen. The pan must have been 30 inches tall and about 30 inches wide it was huge. Well the soup was so good i had seconds.

When that was finished the girls brought out the potatoes and salad and the first of the three meats. Goat that looks foul, only because it is black. It is black because it had been soaked in red wine for a few weeks before cooking but tastes so good. then it was suckling pig and followed up by what we called road kill.

We call the chicken road kill because of the way they butcher the meat. it's just chopped into bits but tastes so good.

After this was the dessert, on my god for the amount of people there they could have fed the 5,000.

The night was topped of with a singer and also dancing i won't insult the music so i will say nothing.

Being New Year this has been the first were one of my boys didn't text me Happy New Year. We spoke tonight and i understand why least said. Also i was able to say happy Birthday as it was his birthday on the second of January. Also The first of January was my Dad's birthday and i didn't forget it. Tome for bed good night


  1. Hi Peter, I often read your blog, like you we have a house in central Portugal and hope to move there one day. Your posts give a really interesting and useful insight into Portuguese life for those of us who one day hope to "live the dream"! Keeping posting and Happy New Year! Catherine

  2. Hi Catherine, thanks for the kind comments. Good luck with your planned move and i hope you enjoy your home in Central Portugal as i do. Why not tell your story as i have done. This is my way for my family to see how i am getting on. Happy New Year and good luck.