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Sunday, 1 May 2016

Brushed up, moped up and vacuumed up

It's been a hard few weeks i started by insulating the roof. Then as you can see from the various pictures from the last few weeks i have built a room in my loft. That room was also insulated and i just have a few joints to tape up to make double sure that there are now chance of any drafts from something i may have missed.

The end wall is where the chimney will go out of for the log burner. The chimney will also give of heat during the winter when the log burner is in use in the lounge below. The end wall can't be plaster boarded till the chimney is fitted. I have brushed up, vacuumed  up and moped up.

Now i am waiting for the Plasterer to come and plaster the whole room. After plastering i will paint and then lay a new floor.

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