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Thursday, 19 May 2016

New chapter begins

I am on my way to the ferry on Sunday And i am calling to a place just outside of Dover to pick up a friend. My friend has just found a house for sale in my village and has just signed to buy the house. From the outside the house looks tired because it's been many years since it last had a coat of paint. A coat of paint and you could move in but like mine you couldn't use what is surposed to be the kitchen. I thought that my kitchen was bad when I moved in but this one is much worse but it's ok being like that because you just rip it out and start again just like I did.


The picture below is my kitchen on the day I moved in much different from how it is now.

As you can see above a good clean maybe but the cooking was done on an open fire and there are no units or cupboards. There is a huge chimney that is so low it's hard not to walk into it. The chimney bid open to the roof but the new owner is a retired builder who was a builder for all his working life so he knows what to do to turn this into a home.

It will be nice to have another house reopened instead of just another empty house. It will then make a total of four people living in the village and all men. Would have been nice to have a lady enjoying this amazing location but maybe in the future. Lots of the other homes in the village are holiday homes and are only used in August when there owners come back for there holiday.


  1. I'm at a fulcrum point of change in my life. I've been subscribed to your posts for a while. Four people in a village? yes, count me in if you can find a house that is standing. please advise. thank you

    1. Hi Jane I will post some pictures in a day or two. I couldn't figure out you email. There is no hurry