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Tuesday, 10 May 2016

Collecting old wood

For a while I have been making table lamps from old seasoned wood, Oak, Olive and Chestnut. I sent to the UK for the fittings to take the bulb but until the morning I left to visit family in Liverpool the fittings hadn't arrived. The fittings being late was a great shame as one was a special present for a person who would give me a honest answer to questions as to the quality of my gift. The reason being I would like to start to produce table lamps and for a while I have been building up a stock of old seasoned wood.

I have been lucky to have been given a lot of Oak off cuts that I can do so much with. The day before I left I was given some Apple and more Olive promised by a friend. Fortunately another friend has a huge lathe setup for making table legs and lots of my designs can be made on this lathe.

The picture below shows the first of my samples I cut. The one on the left has been finished and is waiting for the bulb fitting and cable and plug and then it can be sent off to my friend. With the fitting it will be transformed from just a piece of wood to a fantastic looking table lamp. Much as I searched I couldn't find the fittings I wanted, I could find fittings for the table lamp top but I wanted brass fittings because they give a better look than the plastic ones I found.  I have found a shop to get natural Bees wax from and after using the wax if this was a gift to me I would be happy with it. 

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