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Saturday, 21 May 2016

On my way

The time has come I am now on my way home to Portugal. I can't say I enjoy being back in the UK, it's great being able to see my Mum and the rest of my family.  I feel this time frustrated when I have so much to do at home, even more frustrated because I have had nothing to do during my time here. The van is packed and ready to go, my bag is pack and Sunday morning at 9am I leave. There is someone I would have loved to have seen before I leave but that's now not possible if I had it would have made the trip worth while but you can't have everything.

The ferry is booked for 7.55pm and by 11pm I will be driving south to Portugal. It will be great when I am home an starting work on my house and posting on here to show just how life is.

The last two trips where I drove home it rained from Liverpool all the way to Portugal and on one trip it rained all the way through France. 


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    1. Thank you Anne its good to be home and when i can i will post about the journey.