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Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Time to prepare to go home

Not long now and it will be time to return back home to my little place in the sun. The days are now spent buying all the things I want to take home with me. I have now got all my new bedding and Blackout blinds for my windows. Unlike the rest of the house I don't have shutters for my bedroom and when it gets light if I wake I have found it impossible to get back asleep so Blackout blinds it is.

A trip to my spice supplier is planned for tomorrow. I have been given a large piece of a Sycamore tree trunk to make table lamps from. Slowly the van is being filled up or it will be when I collect my leather chair I have had in storage I hope it's ok after being stored for so long since I moved in 2011.

I changed some money so I would have cash for the drive through France and Spain and then Portugal. On the last trip I found later when I used my card to pay for fuel or tolls each time I was charged £1.99. On its own £1.99 may not be much but I used my card a lot so the charges soon mounted up.

While my son and his fiancé have been away my granddaughter stayed a few times and she was good company but I had to get up to take her to school. I will miss not seeing her for her 13th birthday but I must be home on the 24th as I have an appointment to attend to that I can't avoid.

A few friends have asked if I could get them a few things, mainly tea bags, quorn products for one this trip I have no cool box because I came over with Ryanair so my cool boxes are at home so I won't be getting any Faggots in gravy for me and a friend. I have got myself 20 packs of bacon and it's in the freezer and vacuum packed do for me I will take a chance on it being ok.

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