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Monday, 16 May 2016

White van man

Well today I got myself a White Citreon Berlingo van. Just the thing to have for all the work I am doing in my house. I can now put the seats back into my car and turn it back into a car instead of a part van. The downside of the van and it's the only problem is it only has a radio, what good is having so much music on CD without a CD player. Message to self Buy a CD player for the journey home at the weekend.

I left Liverpool at 12 noon and the train journey lasted till 2.30pm. It was nice traveling by train instead of being behind the wheel much as I love driving it made a nice change to sit back for my journey. I was met at the station by a friend of the vans owner and after a test drive I paid and started of on my way home.

On the motorways and main roads in Portugal you can drive for quite a while before you see another vehicle in any direction. Driving out of Nottingham to go to Liverpool was not what I am used to. The roads where very very busy and the motorways where even worse the standard of driving was very poor people driving to fast or to close. Thank goodness for Sunday when I leave to go home to quiet roads and slower drivers.

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