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Thursday, 26 May 2016

A sneak preview

Back a day and i am already working in my new bedroom. If i hadn't made a start now after coming back from the UK it may have been a while before i got started again. Once it's been treated to Bees wax the look will change and also the feel will be smoother than it is if i had used varnish.

Well this is what's going between the two pillars you may have seen previously. The insert in the middle of the pillars will be a little higher, the same height from the floor and the ceiling.

To get a truly unique finish i will have to spend days and days and more days with my cloth and bottle of Bees wax to get just the finish i want. This is to disguise the pillar that i couldn't remove instead i moved it about 12 inches. I wanted to move it to give me some extra space but then how to i hide a piece of wood holding up the main roof beam. I may have it for putting my coats on the back. Behind i wanted to have a shower but the headroom was not enough so this is what i came up with.

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